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A place to grow your bags while you sleep easy in the Temple

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About the DAO

TempleDAO was created to be a safe haven in a sea of risky assets, to facilitate long-term, stable wealth creation with a community-first mindset, and to elevate the overall DeFi experience for investors. TempleDAO was conceived with three core principles in mind: - Ecosystem growth benefits $TEMPLE holders. - Temple protocol features reduce volatility and reward long-term holders. - The intrinsic value of $TEMPLE can only increase and can never be diluted. TempleDAO’s revenue-sharing model utilizes its massive treasury to deliver value from the strongest DeFi projects and investment strategies to TEMPLE holders. We call this model the Temple Core Model.


Earn more sustainable income with less volatility

By simply locking $TEMPLE, you will earn higher yields than Yearn vaults or stablecoin farms & get exposure to investment strategies typically limited to whales.

Leverage the power of your invested dollars

Higher returns per dollar invested than by doing it alone.

Reduce risks and costs

All investment operations are handled by Temple, pooling resources and saving on fees and costs. Volatility risk is mitigated with the Temple treasury being composed almost entirely of stable coins.

Earn rewards from new projects-

$TEMPLE holders will receive rewards and airdrop.