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About the DAO

At the Shiny Object Social Club we have 2 core missions: Firstly, discover, share and help others learn about the most exciting technologies and trends that are reshaping the world we live in. This could range from links being shared in Discord, to Live Workshops, Quests, Bounties, Events, Credentials, Learning Paths or spending time inside Shiny HQ in the Metaverse. Secondly, build and help others build useful and exciting things with these technologies empowering people along the way.


Interactivity and shared experiences

You would think we’re in the golden era of content with abundant optionality with sophisticated algorithms telling us what we want to see. But the experience of consuming content today is passive and often done alone in dark rooms. We see the future of content going a step further – community formed around shared attention, conversation, participation, and IRL social experiences.

Co-creation and ownership

The creation of new forms of media will be collaborative, contributors will have ownership beyond meaningless credits, and the content will be formed around the sentiment of the community interacting with it as it’s being created, in real-time. The antiquated, corner office, one-to-many production model will be retired in favor of community and co-ownership. Content will never be the same again.