Orange DAOs 🍊,🍊

We invest in the future of web3. Our 🍊’s name is Juicy Returns.

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About the DAO

We believe that founders and builders are best suited to spark, advance, and distribute opportunities to anyone hungry for a fairer future. And that the Y Combinator ecosystem will continue to draw the best founders in the world. Once in a generation, an opportunity will appear that will change much of what we know about the world, business, and how people interact. We believe that the crypto economy — broadly described as Web3 and the technologies that enable it — is that opportunity. This opportunity can distribute wealth, access to power, control over resources, and participation in governance, to a broader group of people than ever before in a more equitable way than any previous systems..


We are people oriented and community first

We believe that its all about people and that the only way we will be able to go far is with each other. We are focused on collaboration, cross ecosystem coordination and lifting up those around us.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

We are global but remote first- While we have strongholds in the US and EU, we believe the best teams and builders can come from everywhere and anywhere. We welcome anyone from anywhere to join and be part of what we are doing.Video calls and telegram chats are the bread and butter of our community.