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Our ultimate social goal is a future where: - Communities everywhere have benefited from capable builders who used their web3 skills to regenerate communities and the planet - Virtually any young person, anywhere in the world can access education that helps them develop socially impactful web3 skills. By 2030, Dream DAO will have: - Directly supported multiple thousands of Gen Z Builders in leveraging and building web3 to accelerate the flourishing of their communities and the world - Trained hundreds of people to start social impact DAOs that follow the blueprint of the Dream DAO - Inspired over a million more Gen Zers outside of the DAO to explore and potentially work in the web3 x social impact space - Helped define a vision for and supercharged the development of the web3 x social impact ecosystem at large

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About the DAO

MetaCartel Ventures Venture DAO is a for-profit DAO created by the MetaCartel community for the purposes of making investments into early-stage Decentralized Applications DApps. It embodies a community-oriented membership structure and offers radical flexibility in participation in a manner that is unparalleled by traditional “venture capital fund” models. Our investments are directed to our DAO members Mages: they will be the ones sourcing, conducting due diligence, proposing, and voting on investments. Our DAO is made up of a code and law pairing; with our business LLC entity being tightly coupled with its smart contracts and token technology deployed on the Ethereum main-net. Venture DAO is more like an open source software project + angel fund than the traditional VC firm.


Empowering learning community

The Dream DAO cultivates an empowering, intergenerational, global community and offers a range of learning + mentorship opportunities that help young people gain confidence and experience at the intersection of web3 x social impact. The core “product” of the learning community is the “Learning Together” series, which is hosted twice a week and features a community member or guest hosting a lecture on a web3 concept and spreading the word on the Solarpunk future we envision will come with web3 x social impact.

Web3 x social impact internship program

A two-month internship program called the Dream DAO Explorers Program—for 15-20 year olds seeking to be and build the future of web3 x social impact.

IRL regen Aweb3 gatherings-

We convene diverse, inspiring, regen-minded thinkers and builders in a way that forges relationships and collaborations across the “regen web3” field/movement and builds excitement for the idea of hiring more regen Gen Zers—who co-organize the events—to impactful web3 projects. In-person convenings can fill attendees with inspiration. This is why Dream DAO pays for some of our community members to travel to, co-organize, and operate these events.ct ecosystem.