Juicebox 🧃

Community funding for people and projects. Light enough for a group of friends, powerful enough for global projects

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About the DAO

JuiceboxDAO helps people confidently run programmable and community-funded treasuries from startup to scale, openly on Ethereum.


We're builders

The decisions we make prioritize those building, and we trust those who we've delegated responsibilities to.

We're focused

We encourage one another to focus on the commitments we've made to the DAO, and keep each other accountable to them.

We're supportive

We're here to help, and we communicate in a way that empowers one another.

We're listeners

We are humble with our knowledge, and seek balance between urgency and patience.

We're honest

We are each unique selves, and we communicate our individual ideas openly and with clarity. We express ourselves and exchange feedback with this in mind.

We’re stewards

We respect the opportunity to help set a tone for what it means to build on the open internet together.