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DeFi protocol that makes it easy to earn yield on your stablecoins

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About the DAO

Gro protocol’s mission is to make decentralised finance more accessible and empower everyone to easily create and share wealth - by combining the best of decentralised and traditional finance.


Obsessing over users

Our raison d'être is to serve our users. The safety and growth of their assets is our highest priority. We cut out inefficiencies and intermediaries to deliver superior value and user experiences to them.

Changing the world

We're challenging the way things are done in an old industry. We find better ways to do things with emerging technologies.

We are curious

We have an open culture and value intellectual honesty, curiosity & diverse opinions. We speak your mind and seek to understand that of others.

We enjoy the challenge, engage and have fun.

We're missionaries, not mercenaries.

We win together

We collaborate and complement each other for better and persistent execution.