Friends With Benefits 🐥,🐥

DAO of cultural creators, thinkers, and builders who convene digitally and IRL to collaboratively shape web3's future

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About the DAO

We are a collective of unique individuals pushing for a bright future. A world in which prosperity is abundant and technology acts as a communal connective tissue. We believe in a web3 world, where data and payments are fluid and controlled by the creators. We believe in the pursuit of open knowledge for the greater good. The tools for connecting the dots are finally here.Technology is constantly evolving and blockchain technology, a fluid and open system, is suited to help us catalyze change. Friends With Benefits are creators, rebels, artists, thinkers, and doers forming an organization to discuss and shape that future. By gathering those looking to create change, Friends With Benefits aims to take these new tools and help implement web3 in a multitude of ways. By unifying our community through a social token - $FWB - members can be confident that everyone in the group has shared skin in the game. By teasing the future of token-permissioned access, Friends With Benefits strives to showcase how a community can reach scale without diminishing quality along the way. We invite all those who share this vision to join us.



open source everything, conversations in public, document and share journey.

Diversity and Inclusion

seek to foster as diverse a membership as possible and support everyone to contribute.


as a self-governed community we rely on members to be personally responsible for their actions and commitments to the community.

Kindness and Empathy

we know that we are living in a complex, stressful, and diverse world and go out of our way to make people’s lives and days better through our interactions.